3 Tools for Searching Duplicate Content Checker

Search duplicate content checker is a task that every webmaster and content manager should be very clear. So today in this post we will make a brief introduction to what is duplicate content, as well as mentioning several websites. And services that can help us to detect duplicate content or copy and paste from our sites.

What is Duplicate Content?

Content checker

Google wants your site to be unique, to be a quality site. And among its multiple ways to evaluate it, is to analyze whether your website has duplicate content checker or not. What does this mean, that if for example. And copy an article about “dolphins”, and weapons on your website a page and paste that content. It will be two identical copies. The difference is that Google will know that copies of Wikipedia, that they are the original authors.

In other words, you are not adding quality content, you are reproducing content. And you do not contribute anything of value to the web, to the internet. And Google obviously will not like to have you among its favored sites if all you do is copy and paste.

The same thing happens with translations, for many years many people who generated content copied and pasted texts. And then used any online translator, changed the language and that’s it. Well, another negative point, that does not work for years. Google realizes when you are translating content automatically or semi-automatically.

But the duplicate content does not only refer to when we copy and paste from another website. Without wanting it or out of ignorance. We can generate duplicate content on our own site with our own content. Maybe you have two URLs with the same information. Or at the level of structure you are having texts, labels or categories. A case where a lot of duplicate content is generated without knowing it is using WordPress .

WordPress uses many templates that do not follow content viewing standards that often cause the same information to be displayed in the post, files, labels and categories. This makes Google see 4 equal pages, when it should see only one. These types of errors can be avoided by first analyzing the themes we use.

List of Tools to Search Duplicate Content checker

Duplicate Content checker


There are several tools to search for duplicate content checker in other external sites, from the following list we will try to cover a review of the main ones that have served us over time:

Copy escape

Copy scape is a tool that helps you quickly and easily search for duplicate content checker to see if someone has plagiarized your content. There are two ways to use it, with the free or paid version, in the free you can check for plagiarism one by one the websites you need.

While in the Premium you will be able to detect plagiarism more reliably and quickly, without limits. But charging you for each search. Another original function to detect duplicate content is that in the Premium version you can copy and paste texts, and also find matches on the original article.


Splatter is a fantastic alternative to detect plagiarism on the Internet. The operation of the site is very simple, you paste a URL in the text box. And then click on ‘Find Page Copies’. Immediately inform you about the sites. And the level of percentage of “copy” they have with respect to the original text that is seen on your site.

It also incorporates interesting features to automatically monitor your sites for duplicate content checker. Something really useful for only after receiving alerts and act accordingly.

It offers a very functional free version to verify a particular URL. And a payment with many more benefits such as checking multiple URLs, copying and pasting, etc.

the Content checker

Plagiarism checker by SearchEngineReports

Plagiarism checker by SearchEngineReports is a site similar to the previous ones, verify duplicate content checker, compare it, analyze it and then alert you if you have found it. Its interface is very simple, easy to use and above all free. This particular site has not only served webmasters to verify duplicate content. But it is also widely used by teachers around the world to avoid plagiarism in universities and schools.

It is a free service, there are no premium versions. However there is a quite intrusive publicity on the page with which you must deal if you want to use the service.


Find duplicate content checker on our website is a task that takes time and a lot of patience. But it is something we have to do every now. And then to keep at bay in terms of the content we generate, to avoid falling into the clutches of the surprise penalties sent by Google to each webmaster.


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