5 Essential tips for social media customer service

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As customers service continue to look for fast and comfortable experiences on the go, social network channels stand out as the main platforms for communication. The increase in the use of smart phones and the extraordinary popularity of social platforms have transformed the expectations of customer service, as brands must communicate better and faster than ever. Those who pay attention to such issues reap the rewards: according to Convince & Convert, responding to complaints on social networks increases customer support by up to 25%. If you’re wondering how you can keep your brand up to date, consider the following five tips for excellent customer service on social media.

What is social media customer service?

social media customer service

The service, which aims to effectively serve our customers through social media began to be booming in 2018 and, since then, many companies have decided to bet on this strategy. In short, it is a service that is offered to users through social profiles, to ensure a good experience during the purchase or purchase of a product or service.

It seems logical that this way of serving our customers is currently booming, taking into account that networks have become one more channel to communicate with each other , as well as to develop close relationships between users and brands.

Opting for this channel to serve users is not only a matter of logical evolution of communication, but it is also a way to take advantage of all the positive characteristics of social media at the business level.

What benefits can customer service bring to my business?

tips for social media customer service

To give a good service in this sense is very positive for the company, because it generates great benefits, the most important of all being to have quality information about the users’ experience , besides:

  • Customer loyalty: if the users receive a quality treatment before and after having made the purchase, they will feel cared for by the brand and value it even more.
  • Reputation: In many professional sectors, poor customer service has caused companies to have a bad reputation. This aspect is one of the most valued by the user and, therefore, should be taken care of to the fullest.
  • Generation of feedback: users who contact you after the acquisition, do so because they have something to say about your product, service or sales process .

In addition to solving their incidents, it is vital that you listen to them, that you draw patterns and conclusions . This feedback can be used to improve different aspects and benefit the business.

  • Get more sales: when a customer finishes the purchase process satisfied, he is more likely to repeat the experience and become a brand prescribe. Therefore, good management will further boost the sales of any business, whatever the scope.

As you see, offering this service professionally in an optimal way is not only positive for the users, but also the brands receive benefits that, in the medium and long term, favor the achievement of the marked commercial objectives.

Start with a friendly presentation

It always starts with a brief presentation. First, the agent must be presented, request the client’s name and then ask how he can help the client. Communications in social networks can advance quickly, but it is important to start each conversation with a personalized greeting, as people usually expect in these channels.

Keep a simple and professional language

The language of social networks is usually informal and personal, but agents must resist this trend. It can be a challenge, since they must humanize their interactions with clients, but they should avoid treating them as close friends. As a general rule, agents should avoid the use of slang, acronyms or nemesis that are not understood or appreciated in a professional context. Instead, they should use simple and positive phrases that convey respect and kindness without being too personal.

Shorten your sentences

best customer service

On channels like Twitter, short messages are required. However, summarizing information in short paragraphs is a good rule for all social platforms. Agents should try to omit superfluous information and move quickly with each conversation; In addition, they should ask questions when necessary to ensure that both parties understand each other. Remember that many customers who communicate through social networks use mobile devices while traveling, so short phrases are ideal to save time and facilitate reading the text.

Keep control of time

Time is crucial to provide excellent customer service in social networks. Clients expect quick responses, so agents must be ready to respond quickly. This means that companies must ensure that agents are available as often as possible. If your company does not have service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the service hours must be clearly published. Once the agents begin a conversation, they must set the pace of the conversation carefully: clients need an opportunity to answer questions before the agents start writing again. Finally, customers must be informed when agents need to look for information so they do not think the conversation has been interrupted.

Show empathy and gratitude

discover customer service

Words that convey empathy and gratitude are essential to every customer service conversation. When clients are upset, agents must take the time to recognize negative emotions and offer support. In addition, customers should always feel that they are valued. Thanking them for their time and apologizing for difficult situations shows gratitude and builds trust among clients.

Social networks allow companies to interact with customers on a personal level while solving problems with great efficiency. With a humanized approach, an opportune moment and a focus on solving problems as quickly as possible, your brand will stand out as a leader in providing excellent customer service in social networks. To offer the best in customer service, you can get more information about Vocal com, a world leader in contact center software on the Internet and premium conversational trading platform for the best customer experiences .


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