25 Excellent Reasons to Switch from WhatsApp to Telegram

Is Telegram or WhatsApp better? Telegram Vs WhatsApp 2019. Which one is safer? What are the differences between the two most popular instant messaging apps for smartphones? Why do we think that Telegram is 25 times better than WhatsApp?

We will answer these questions today.

WhatsApp Vs Telegram 2019. The comparison is still active and topical today. Better Telegram or WhatsApp? Are there really any differences between the two? Who exceeded whom?

WhatsApp: Pioneer of Instant Messaging

We all know and use WhatsApp. It’s a fact. The latter has earned – rightly – the first position in the ranking for years as the best and most downloaded instant messaging app for smartphones.

Everyone – whether they have an iPhone, a Samsung or a Windows Phone – have at least once tried and used the WhatsApp app. Thanks to its incredible and innovative features, we finally said goodbye to old and obsolete text messages and mms (many expensive).

Thus began to exchange all sorts of thoughts and multimedia files in a spasmodic way. Chat with everyone at no cost; send photos and videos with a click and even VOIP calls with anyone without spending a single cent.

Telegram: The New Powerful Rival of Whatsapp

An alternative exists, and it is very interesting!

During these years, many attempts have been made to imitate. Some apps have turned out to be just bad copies; others are more or less successful in intent by eating a fair slice of the market (think for example of Viber, Signal or Line).

However, to find one’s way in the mass we find an app that unfortunately does not yet talk much about itself but that in our opinion has absolutely nothing to envy to WhatsApp indeed.

We are talking about Telegram, an incredible messaging app that has reached a new record a few days ago: the threshold of 200 million active users.

Even today, in 2019, many of us find ourselves undecided whether to switch from WhatsApp to Telegram. Especially after the unfortunate decision by WhatsApp to replace user states with (boring and nasty) stories or the implementation (since 2020) of advertising within the messaging app.

Without going into much talk, we have found for you 25 reasons why everyone should make the leap and abandon WhatsApp in favor of Telegram, without exception.

The list, structured by points, was created randomly so not for importance of “features”“. For each point, the differences with respect to its competitor will also be briefly analyzed. Now let’s go and discover them together.

25 good reasons to switch from WhatsApp to Telegram

1) Weight in Megabytes of the app

Telegram weighs less (88.90MB against 92MB) compared to WhatsApp while boasting the same identical basic functions. Let’s talk about a small difference but we assure you that in everyday use, the lightness and speed of Telegram compared to WhatsApp is constantly perceived

2) Lightness

It is fluid, fast and never gets stuck. This can be seen from the first use. The messages are delivered instantly as well as it is very pleasant to scroll long and crowded single or group chats.

3) Multi-platform

The app is available for Android, Apple and Windows smartphones. But the desktop apps for Mac, Windows and Linux are also available and downloadable for free. Possibility therefore to chat wherever you are, even from your computer without having to use the browser (it is also reachable from the web) and without the need for the program to be connected with your mobile phone. Everything will be synchronized instantly on all stations through cloud technology

4) iPad and Apple Watch

Telegram is also available and optimized for Apple iPad and Apple Watch. WhatsApp (still today in 2019) has not yet developed any app optimized for such devices.

5) Nickname

In addition to being able to register through your (indispensable) mobile number, you can also decide whether to set up a username (username) with which others (even if not present in the phonebook) will be able to find you and start chatting with you. Your mobile number will never be visible so maximum privacy.

Do you have a website or do you manage a blog and want to communicate quickly with all your subscribers? Through Telegram.me you can enter a notice or badge to allow everyone, following clicks on your nickname, to start a conversation.

6) Media sharing

Not just images and videos. Through Telegram, you will be able to send all kinds of files to your friends. The real strength? The photos and videos will be sent in their original format without any compression up to a maximum of 1.5 Giga per file!

7) Security

It’s safe. Absolutely. The network infrastructure is based on the MTProto protocol and uses long-tested algorithms that make it safe and reliable. Recently, the founder of Telegram Pavel Durov, wrote an interesting article about why WhatsApp can never be 100% secure and encrypted.

8) Updates

Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram is regularly updated every month (up to twice a month) and not with simple and few bug fixes. For each update a substantial package of news, new and useful functions as well as improvements under the hood (both for Apple and Android).

9) Emoji

And not only … Tired of the usual smilies or hearts? In addition to emoticons, you can use a large collection of stickers (bonus: for some emojis, if pressed, the corresponding sticker will be displayed that you can use instead). There are a sea of sets already installed by default but many others can be downloaded directly from the app or through the official bots

10) Groups

Super groups and much more. In group chats, everyone can change the name or photo but if you need more control, thanks to the super groups (you can enter up to 10,000 users compared to the 200 provided for normal groups) the administrator will have even more powers. You can choose to inhibit the possibility of any change by the other members or assign the office of administrator to other users as well. (bonus: in super groups, a new added user will be able to see the entire chat, including old messages. Also, if a message is deleted, it will disappear on everyone else’s chats)

11) Search

Through a convenient menu item, you can search for words within a single chat or globally in the list of active conversations with great simplicity!

12) Check and double check

The reading messages are directly visible from the main screen a small but welcome convenience that will allow us to know if the user has read our messages or not immediately without having to enter the chat and scroll through the last message

13) It’s free and always will be

14) Last message read

No matter how many times you open the chat or where you were left. If you receive new messages in a group, when the group opens, you will be placed directly at the last message you read. It is therefore impossible to lose the thread

15) Encrypted secret chats

This function is intended for all privacy addicts or those who are always afraid of being spied on. Start a new secret chat with a click and chat with whomever you want in total safety. The latter use end-to-end cryptography, which allows the total encryption of the communication making it inviolable and illegible outside the parties concerned.

But don’t stop there. It is possible to set a self-destruct timer for the messages (obviously everything happens also in reflection on the other device) and be alerted if the other person takes a screenshot of the chat. Secret chat messages cannot be forwarded and if eliminated, the action is also automatically performed by the other party.

16) Quotas and tags

In group messages, by holding down a single message it will be possible to reply directly (quote) to the latter allowing others to better understand what you are talking about. Very useful in those groups where those few important messages come after a few seconds dragged on by useless chat off topic.

Do you want to involve only a specific user? Just tag it by putting the snail on its name and click on the suggested name.

17) OpenSource

The app is completely OpenSource and a non-commercial project. You can get and view the code directly from this page.

18) App lock with code

You read that right! You can keep your messages away from prying eyes by blocking access to the app through a code or fingerprint in devices equipped with this technology.

19) Notifications

Ability to customize notifications in Android or even view multimedia content on Apple iOS

20) Hashtags

Preface the pound sign before any word to turn it into a thread and make it clickable. Once selected, a new search form will be shown with all the messages containing that word listed.

21) Channels

If the groups are not enough, a recent novelty is that of the channels. Everyone can create one and we can imagine them as groups open to all, without limits and aimed at the boundless public of the web. Do you have a news site and want to communicate your updates also through the messaging app? You can create a channel in one click and immediately start sending all your site updates in real time to everyone. If you want to know more, consult the dedicated FAQ.

22) Animated GIFs

Timeless and timeless, they are still used to the maximum today. Thanks to Telegram, you can search and send animated gifs as well as normal photos in a very convenient and immediate way. Once in the photo submission form, click on the magnifying glass and select GIF

23) Occupied space

Zero. Through the menu item Cache settings, you can quickly delete all the cache (temporary files) or part of it in all chats or for individual conversations (only on iOS) by zeroing or almost the space occupied by the app on your smartphone (have you ever checked how much space WhatsApp takes up? Man warned …). By emptying the cache, no files will be deleted but, if necessary, turning on again, all files will be re-downloaded.

24) Audio

Audio messages can be heard anywhere. When played, they will remain active in the background allowing the user to browse the app or reply to a message without interrupting the audio

25) Search Shared Media

And the … links! Easily find the links you shared with your friends in groups or in single chats.

Think of organizing a vacation. In many places, links to hotels, restaurants or places that will almost certainly be lost in the maze of the group. Difficult to find in long chats? Now no longer!


Convinced to switch to Telegram now? Of course, it has really many functions and all very useful but today it cannot yet be classified as the perfect messaging app, let alone the perfect one. Calls and video calls are still missing, a real big drawback at the moment as is evident the lack of adherence to the app by our contacts in the phone book. Their relationship to WhtasApp is still too obvious.

But as is well known, every great revolution at the beginning always starts from the bottom and with great difficulty. Give yourself the contribution, what are you waiting for?

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