How and why it is a good idea to clean the Android cache

If the internal memory of your phone is dangerously close to its limit or certain applications behave strangely, a cache erasure can help you. We share some good idea to clean the Android cache.

Your Android has a certain amount of storage, which can end up being consumed quickly. All the applications that you usually use create new temporary files in which they keep information, which is commonly known as a cache; A good part of your Android’s storage is full of cache files. Its purpose is none other than to make your phone recover faster with an application each time you open it. For example, Instagram creates cache files for the accounts you follow the most or visit the most each time you open it. Now, is it necessary to maintain this cache? Should I clean it once in a while? We believe that it is a good idea to clean it, and in this article, we will explain how to do it and what its benefits are.

How to clean the cache of your Android

There are two ways to do it: one from the phone’s own settings going from application to application; another from the recovery mode of your terminal. To delete them from the operating system go to Settings> Storage and then click on Applications :

There it looks for one of the applications that more data in cache generates. In this example we will use Spotify; click on it and then on Storage. We will arrive at the following screen:

From the two buttons that appear, click on clean the Android cache to clean the data of that particular application.

Clear the cache from the recovery does not deal with a single application, but you delete all the system. Each manufacturer has a way to access the recovery, so look for the one that corresponds to your terminal. Once you are inside the recovery, navigate to the Wipe cache partition option with the volume buttons and confirm with the power on. The phone will be busy for a few seconds and when it finishes the cache will be totally clean.

Benefits of cleaning the cacheclean the Android cache

Normally the files in the cache are always there; they are important for the system and you try not to touch them. However, there are times when there is no other choice. These are the benefits you can obtain by clearing the cache:

  • In the short term, it can help you conserve free space in internal memory. It is still a temporary solution (the cache will be rebuilt over time), but something is something.
  • If the cached data has been corrupted for whatever reason and an application does not work as it should, you can clear that cache to recover normal operation.
  • Old cached data can add holes in your security. Clearing the browser cache every so often serves to prevent your phone from storing sensitive information that might fall into the wrong hands if it is stolen.
  • Force the update of an application in case it does not do it automatically. It is a good idea to clean the Android cache.

Should you clean the cache regularly?

This is one of the two “million questions” on this topic. It is possible that now that you know the benefits of cleaning the cache, you think you should do it often, but the fact is that regular erasures are counterproductive.

To explain why it is better to clarify what happens after cleaning the cache. First of all, you will free up space and the affected application will continue to work as usual, although it may work somewhat slower at the beginning (it will eventually stop doing so). Keep in mind that the cached data helps the apps we use to perform more efficiently.

Android already has an automated system for deleting unused files that, on the other hand, works quite well. It is also worth noting that deleting the cache of an app does not mean that you lose your initiated sessions, your browser’s markers, progress in video games or similar.

Should you use cleaning applications?

This is the second “million dollar question.” In Android, there are a lot of applications that ensure that you can get rid of unused photos, videos and cached files from your phone quickly and safely. Sometimes they can be useful, although generally, they are not worth it for these reasons:

  • Often what they say they can do does not correspond to reality (for example, many say that cleaning the cache increases the speed of your phone, which we have already verified is not true).
  • These applications take up space on your terminal, and can even negatively affect performance because they run in the background.
  • Many of them are riddled with advertising and in-app purchases.


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