8 lucky patcher alternative for ios

Lucky Patcher is an application to skip integrated purchases, remove ads from other apps or use paid apps for free, but it is only on Android. What alternatives are there in the iPhone? We share the best lucky patcher alternative for ios.

Android users have at their disposal an application called Lucky Patcher that allows you to do many things like making purchases in apps and games without paying, remove the advertising offered by others, make backups, extract APKs or make duplicates of paid apps to install them on several devices. Its operation is quite simple, showing in a list all the apps you have installed. And warning by means of a color code what things you can do in each case. The problem is that it is not available on the iPhone. Are there alternatives that offer this? The answer is yes, although the process is slightly different.

Lucky Patcher in Android contains a database that compares with the apps you have installed to tell you what things you can do in them. In the iPhone, there are different apps to imitate the main functions. We present a varied list of apps where you can finally get the same you would achieve with Lucky Patcher, although the road is not identical.

Previous considerations

One of the advantages of Lucky Patcher on Android is that it can be used without being root. In iOS, except for some exceptions that you will find at the end of the list. All available apps of this nature require jailbreaking. If it is not your case you can only dare to do it to your device or forget about this topic. On the other hand, not all apps work on all versions of the operating system or different types of jailbreak and do not work in all games and apps that come to mind. In fact, the normal thing is that all games that work online are impossible to modify. That is why it is important that you follow the development of each tool to avoid compatibility problems.

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Apps to skip integrated purchases

These apps allow you to enjoy the integrated purchases directly without spending the money and run at the same time as the apps to hack. In this case, it will matter a lot the version of iOS that you currently have and the type of jailbreak made. Keep in mind that some could work better than others for certain games. And as we have said before, the versions and compatibilities vary frequently.

The best lucky patcher alternative for ios

GameGemlucky patcher alternative for ios

GameGem is one of the most popular utilities in the iOS ecosystem to get your hands on your games, although it is also available for Android. Yes, you must have jailbroken your phone, and it does not work with online games. More than looking like Lucky Patcher, its operation is similar to that of SB Game Hacker, another popular development of this type: you will have to look at the statistics of your game, record the records and then search them in the app to be able to modify them. It is one of the lucky patcher alternative for ios.

LocaliAPStorelucky patcher alternative for ios

Another way to skip integrated purchases, so you can enjoy them and their content without spending a hard time. It is only installed through Cydia, and it will be enough to open any game or app with integrated purchases after its installation. When you try to make a purchase, reject the process in the last step and you should automatically have those purchases in your account (if not, possibly the app you have in hand is not compatible). It works predictably on iOS 9, iOS 10 and iOS 11.

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iAPCrazylucky patcher alternative for ios

Another classic of the jailbreak world in iOS to get integrated purchases for free. It has always been an alternative to consider for its ability to hack certain games that could not be hacked with other apps from this list. You will find it in the HackmyiPhone repository, of Chinese origin. As well as many of the developments on this list. Its operation has been tested in iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10 and iOS 11. The list of apps and compatible games is extensive, and it contains some games like Plants vs. Zombies. It is the best lucky patcher alternative for ios.


This app is one of the last appeared, as evidenced by the fact that it only works in relatively recent versions of iOS, the last ones we go. The concept is the same, skip the integrated purchases of the apps. But there is an additional condition to add: your jailbreak should be Electra. One of the most popular systems among the user community.

iAP Crackerlucky patcher alternative for ios

Another alternative is this iAP Cracker, which in fact keeps very little difference with the other options, same objective, and the same operation. Also, the same preconditions, a phone with jailbreak and in this case also have AppSync installed to work properly. If the game or app you have in hand is inviolable by other methods, here is one more option. It is another lucky patcher alternative for ios.

App Stores hacked

An app store as such does not look much like Lucky Patcher, but its content. In Lucky Patcher, for example, you can get skipped integrated purchases. An apps store like these that we offer you will allow you to directly download a modified version of an app or a game with those purchases already included. The same could be said of advertising, thanks to these alternative repositories you can find fake versions of your favorite apps that completely eliminate banners or add new features, either paid or created by the users themselves.

AppValleylucky patcher alternative for ios

A market is full of apps that skip the limits of the original versions. One of the advantages of AppValley is that it is not a prerequisite that your phone has done the jailbreak to install it, which opens many doors to all those who want to enjoy free integrated purchases or apps without ads without sacrificing the guarantee of your mobile.

Appcakelucky patcher alternative for ios

They are presented as the oldest cracked apps store for iPhone and with the largest repository. And in fact, they could be right. In addition to finding modified apps offers a couple of additional advantages such as the ability to install DEB files or download torrents. In what interests us, the catalog, you can find virtually anything for free and say goodbye to all those integrated purchases and limitations of functions. Here the problem is that you must have a jailbreak, otherwise, they send you to Pastore, a store that does not require it but for payment.

TuTuApplucky patcher alternative for ios

This popular alternative app market is famous for having some retouched versions that offer you the same thing you could achieve with Lucky Patcher. An unlimited Spotify without ads? A Snapchat that allows you to save the photos? All this and much more is available in the TuTuApp catalog. You can also find modified games that already include integrated purchases. The advantage is that it works also on devices without jailbreak. It is another lucky patcher alternative for ios.


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